CardioFocus Studies Visually Guided Laser Ablation

CardioFocus explored visually guided laser ablation in recent clinical research as a single-centre long-term experience. The researched revealed single-centre experience incorporating VGLA over four years can be safely applied in clinical practice with effective results. The research demonstrated high levels of acute PVI together with positive, long-term clinical outcomes.

The study was conducted with one hundred and ninety-four patients who suffered a medical history of drug-refractory PAF or recurrent AF. CardioFocus administered treatment in their laboratory with VGLA between over the course of four years. The single-center VGLA treatment demonstrated high levels of effectivity.

Hopkins Joins Summit Technology

Summit Technology recently announced its new Senior Vice President, Robert Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins joined Summit Technology in May. His role is to foster growth in the Northeast. Mr. Hopkins has more than twenty years of industry experience. Previous to  working with Summit Technology, Mr. Hopkins played a lead role at Oracle, Ceridian, ADP, CenturyLink, and AT&T. Mr. Hopkins is a professional known for his innovative approach to sales. Mr. Hopkins holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Quinnipiac University.

Syneron Candela Reveals Larsa Pippen As Latest UltraShape Brand Ambassador

Syneron-Candela, an international leader in cosmetic medical devices, announced that Larsa Pippen is the newest brand ambassador for its chief product, UltraShape. Larsa Pippen is best known for her role in TV show Real Housewives of Miami. Pippen is also the wife of six-time world champion NBA star, Scottie Pippen.

Ultrashape, a noninvasive medical device for the treatment of excessive abdominal fat, is reported to potentially offer results as soon as two weeks after the initial treatment. Syneron-Candela recommends patients undergo at minimum of three or more treatments for optimal effects.

“UltraShape gives me more confidence. I eat well and exercise regularly, but as a mom of four, there are certain areas that are resistant to all my efforts,” Larsa Pippen said at a recent press conference in New York City.

Syneron-Candela, founded in 2000, is headquartered in Israel. The global cosmetic medical device company currently markets its products in 86 countries. Syneron-Candela has offices in North America, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Australia, China, Japan, and Hong Kong and distributors worldwide.

TMS Therapy Presented at World Congress of Biological Psychiatry

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), the flagship medical device by NeuroStar, has been demonstrated to effectively reduce major depressive symptoms during pregnancy. TMS Therapy offers a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical antidepressants to women who choose to abstain from traditional pharmaceuticals. The results of a recent study were presented at the 12th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry earlier this month.

The study observed 22 women with major depressive disorder, who ranged from 14 to 34 weeks in gestation. The study treated 12 patients with active TMS and another 10 treated with a placebo.

The patients receiving the TMS therapy were given 20 sessions of right-sided TMS delivered to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex at a dose of 1 Hz in a 15-minute train at 100% motor threshold (900 pulses/session), while the other group received a placebo that was administered by mimicking the first group’s, real treatment.

While the left-side is the traditional location for TMS to be administered, investigators selected the right-side to minimize any risk for seizure. If seizure does occur in pregnancy, it can result in fetal death.

At the end of treatment, 75% of women who received who received active TMS therapy responded to treatment at the end of the 20-session protocol, while only 50% of women given the placebo responded.

“Neither progesterone nor any other levels of female hormones were different between the two groups, so we are not doing anything systemically to these women when they undergo TMS. Otherwise, they would not be able to have a successful pregnancy,” said study investigator Deborah Kim, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia.

Adverse events from the magnetic effect from TMS would not be expected, said Dr Kim, because the magnet only influences a 2×2-cm area of the cortex and so comes nowhere near the uterus.

“This is really an acceptability issue,” said Dr. Kim. “Women will say that they prefer psychotherapy over medication, but access to psychotherapy and its cost limit its use, and the fact that not everybody responds to psychotherapy means we need something else,” she said.

Achillion to Provide Corporate Overview at the JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference 2015

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced yesterday that Achillion’s senior management staff will provide a corporate overview at the JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference at The St. Regis New York Hotel in New York on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

Achillion’s presentation will be available as an audio recording on the investor relations website, After 30 days, the audio recording will be archived.


ASCO 2015 publishes Prolong Pharmaceuticals’ e-Abstract of the Potential use of PEG – HbCO

ASCO 2015 has published Prolong Pharmaceuticals, LLC’s e-Abstract of the Potential use of PEG – HbCO in severe anemia in 5 eIND patients. The e-Abstract was developed by Prolong Pharmaceutical team members Deven V. Parmar, Hemant K. Misra, John B. Berryman, and Abraham Abuchowski

Patients who are unable to receive blood transfusions as a result of severe anemia are at risk of morbidity. Hhemolytic reactions and religious idealogies are the most common causes of patients choosing to abstain from blood transfusions. Pegylated bovine carboxyhemoglobin (PEG-HbCO) has been used in five patients who have declined blood transfusions, including a patient who developed a severe hemolytic reaction following stem cell transplantation.

Five patients with hemoglobin (Hb) levels below 3.5 g/dL were successfully treated by administering repeated doses of PEG-HbCO. The doses given ranged from a low of 1 unit/day for 2 to 4 days, to a high of up to 8 units for 9 days. A unit of PEG-HbCO is defined as 500 mL (40 mg/mL). No adverse events associated with PEG-HbCO were reported. The patients’ ages varied, ranging from 19 to 61 years old, and their diagnoses included AML, hemolytic reaction, acute chest syndrome and sickle cell crisis.

The investigators observed clinical improvements in their patients following administration of PEG-HbCO, regardless of persistent low Hb levels. Patients also reported an improved sense of well-being. The number and size of allowed blood draws were restricted; therefore analysis of clinical chemistries was limited. One patient exhibited a increased cerebral oximetry, while another patient exhibited cerebral blood flow improvement, measured by TCD. Patients exhibited increased responsiveness and self-reported comfort, who had previously experienced neurological deficit and fatigue, within close temporal association with PEG-HbCO treatment. Drawing from the improved clinical status of these patients, one can infer that PEG-HbCO has potential use for patients with severe anemia who are unable to receive blood transfusions.

CardioFocus Trial Meets Primary Efficacy and Safety Endpoints

CardioFocus, Inc., a medical device company known for it flagship product, HeartLight® Endoscopic Ablation System, for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation, presented its U.S. Pivotal Trial data at the Heart Rhythm Conference in Boston last month. The trial’s co-principal investigator, Dr. Vivek Y. Reddy, Professor of Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, presented the data. Dr. Reddy announced that the trial reached primary efficacy and safety endpoints, and demonstrated a low learning curve for physicians using the HeartLight System. CardioFocus will present the clinical study’s groundbreaking results to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in conjunction with a continuing modular PMA process.

Achillion Joins Janssen Pharmaceuticals in a Global Partnership for Hepatitis C Treatment

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has entered into a global license and partnership agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., of Johnson & Johnson, to market and advance the development of Achillion’s lead hepatitis C virus (HCV) holdings, including ACH-3102, ACH-3422, and sovaprevir.

The goal of the partnership is to develop an efficient pan-genotypic oral regimen for the treatment of HCV, for short-term use. A preliminary regimen to be considered features Achillion’s ACH-3102, taken in conjunction with an NS3/4A HCV protease inhibitor and an NS5B HCV polymerase inhibitor.

“We are excited to collaborate with Janssen for the worldwide development of our HCV assets in combination with their HCV portfolio. We believe that Janssen’s renowned expertise in HCV development and commercialization enables a synergistic opportunity to rapidly advance our combined HCV assets toward the market while simultaneously achieving an optimized treatment regimen for all HCV patients,” said Milind Deshpande, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Achillion.

Summit Technologies, Inc. has joined SECURONIX services as a partner and reseller.

Summit Technologies, Inc., an information technology company, has announced that it has joined SECURONIX services as a partner and reseller. Securonix offers security intelligence solutions and advanced technologies to discover, investigate and manage security threats and risks. Summit Technologies also joined TaaSera consulting services as a partner in March. Summit will function as an accepted TaaSera consulting partner and reseller and will utilize the exclusive capability of NetTrust FAAR Sight to deliver sustained monitoring and innovative response methods.