PneumRx Emphysema Study

PneumRx, Inc. recently announced that the first U.S. patients have been treated for emphysema with PneumRx’s Lung Volume Reduction Coils (LVRCs), minimally invasive medical implants designed to treat the symptoms of severe emphysema, and to improve lung function, exercise ability and quality of life.

PneumRx’s RePneu LVRC has been used in Europe since 2008.  The technology is available to treat patients in Germany, and was selected by the French Ministry of Health in 2012 for a cost-effectiveness study in France.  According to PneumRx, the LVRC is intended to treat a broad range of emphysema patients, including those with heterogeneous and homogeneous disease, in both upper and lower lobes, and it performs independently of collateral ventilation, a common condition in emphysema patients.

The patients in the FDA-approved U.S. study were treated by Dr. Charlie Strange, Medical University of South Carolina, and Dr. Frank Sciurba, University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. Up to 315 patients in more than 25 medical centers across North America, plus centers in the Netherlands, UK and Germany, will participate in the study.

PneumRx develops minimally invasive medical devices, seeking to meet the market need for better treatments for emphysema patients.