CardioFocus Studies Visually Guided Laser Ablation

CardioFocus explored visually guided laser ablation in recent clinical research as a single-centre long-term experience. The researched revealed single-centre experience incorporating VGLA over four years can be safely applied in clinical practice with effective results. The research demonstrated high levels of acute PVI together with positive, long-term clinical outcomes.

The study was conducted with one hundred and ninety-four patients who suffered a medical history of drug-refractory PAF or recurrent AF. CardioFocus administered treatment in their laboratory with VGLA between over the course of four years. The single-center VGLA treatment demonstrated high levels of effectivity.

Hopkins Joins Summit Technology

Summit Technology recently announced its new Senior Vice President, Robert Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins joined Summit Technology in May. His role is to foster growth in the Northeast. Mr. Hopkins has more than twenty years of industry experience. Previous to  working with Summit Technology, Mr. Hopkins played a lead role at Oracle, Ceridian, ADP, CenturyLink, and AT&T. Mr. Hopkins is a professional known for his innovative approach to sales. Mr. Hopkins holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from the Quinnipiac University.